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House of SRS


The Special Reconnaissance Squadron Klingon Defense Force Fleet was born on the 8th July 2012.

KDF players supposedly make up only 18% of the STO
playerbase and as such, it is always more difficult to build a KDF starbase. Having said that the House of SRS is now a full Tier 5 fleet and Tier 3 sub-holdings.


The House of SRS follows the same basic guidelines as the other SRS fleets except it doesn’t yet have an Academy. With 300+ players in the roster, there is still a lot of room for growth but much of this will be dependent on how well Cryptic support both the faction and PvP.

If you have a Federation character in any of the Federation fleets and would like to begin a KDF character you will, of course, be most welcome to join. If you only play KDF we would also be interested in hearing from you too.

See our Joining page if you would like to take part in glorious battles and return to our base to down a barrel of 
bloodwine whilst we sing songs of our heroic deeds.

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