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 Explore the Galaxy with SRS


Everyone is welcome to join the Special Reconnaissance Squadron.


The first step is to make contact with us in the game. Do this by joining our chat channel (type /channel_join SRS Armada) and ask for an invite, or click on our instant inviter here:

All new recruits are invited to join the Josh Bee SRS Academy and once joined they spend two weeks probationary period in the Academy. After the two weeks are up they are able to move to the main fleet where they will be promoted to Captain, who has rights to purchase anything from our provisioned stores. For more information on the Academy please go here. SRS ACADEMY

Note, users who also join us on Discord may transfer from the Academy to the main fleet much sooner, typically within a couple of days or so.


Contacts in the game are:


Matt Johnson - 
Matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST - SRS Commander in Chief (UK)
Matt Doody -
Matt@mattdoody - SRS Chief of Staff (UK)
Niels Weymeis -
Thorn@ellarion - Academy Commandant (Belgium)

Aaron Bryant - @Smokeybacon90 - SRS Command Fleet Admiral (Germany/UK)
John Fracentese 
-@Docjohn3 - SRS Quartermaster (USA)
Mike Holt -
@teabaggens - SRS Command Fleet Admiral (USA)

Chief of Fleet Operations Officers

Josh Warner - 
@tomebe11 (Australia)
Michael Hall -
Bear@Daskuma (USA)
Darren Tansley -
@DarrenTansley (UK)
Robert Thompson -
@elvenprince90 (USA)
Gene Kopetsky -
@TheRealMaulerReturns (USA)



Any of the above personnel should be able to organise an invite to the Academy for you. The main contacts are not always online of course so instead you can contact us by ingame mail, or by external mail , or by asking on our SRS Armada chat channel, or by posting on our Facebook page .


You can join our main public chat channel, SRS Armada, simply type in the chat box


 “/channel_join SRS Armada”


 without the quotes, you will then be able to use that channel and feel free to ask for an invite to the Academy

Remember, the more you put into the game the more you will get out of it. Those who regularly participate in our MRP Missions, chat on our chat channel and in Discord, very soon become far more proficient at the game and are soon in the running for some of the big prizes.

We hope you enjoy your time with SRS, promotion opportunities are always available with so many fleets, so what are you waiting for, join us today.