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Everyone is welcome to join SRS. We are totally inclusive, drama free and mature players from first-day novices to ten-year veterans. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. 

Join us if you like to play events together

Join us if you would like to experience exploration in STO

Join us if you want to improve your build

Join us if you want to have fun on Discord

Join us if you'd like to part of a professional, drama-free fleet

To join you can either apply online by clicking this button:

Once you have joined you can join our chat channel the normal way or by typing /channel_join SRS Armada in the chat field. You will need to be invited to the channel to join it which is normally done as soon as we receive your application.

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Once joined, take a look at the welcome mail which you can view by clicking this button:

Next, sign up to the website and make your profile public, full members are known as

Official Crew and earn extra points when taking part in our events system, and remember,

points mean prizes. You can register by clicking on the account signup here:

Next, you will probably want to signup to our Discord channel, it's not compulsory at all and

most people don't use it, but for those who do there are great rewards, new friends, advice

is so much easier by voice than typing in chat and much more. Click the Discord logo here

to start:

Finally, we have a very active Facebook Group and Page, if you use Facebook take a look (Link on footer)

What's Next?

If you applied using our application form on the website you will be invited into a fleet that fits your character, e.g. Romulan, Dominion, Temporal Agent, KDF, Borg, or standard Starfleet.

If you joined directly in the game you will spend two weeks in our Academy which is for our protection. However, if you join us on Discord this will be reduced normally to a day or two before you are moved to a themed fleet.

Once you leave the Academy you have a choice of fleets to join, these are themed, based on Faction or Elite fleets, which you can enter on reaching the requirements. 

That's it, we hope to see you soon.

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Boldy Go with SRS - Join Us Today