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SRS Vacancies

SRS is a busy and professional organisation within and under the remit of the office of the president of the United Federation of Planets. SRS is currently comprised of nine fleets:

SRS Command

SRS Josh Bee Academy

SRS Chrononauts



Section 47 -SRS-

SRS Delta Command

And alliance fleets

SRS Dominion Alliance - Federation aligned

The House of SRS - Klingon Defense Force Aligned

Within these various organisations, there are often vacancies which require filling from time to time. All vacancies are awarded a rank within the respective fleet which shows other fleet members your status. Some ranks will offer a bonus to MRP scoring and possibly even a salary in rare cases, even though the Federation no longer uses money universal currency such as energy credits, gold-pressed latinum or other precious materials are still used on other Federation worlds.

Current Vacancies

SRS Josh Bee Academy - Recruiters x 5

The Academy is the first stop for new members to SRS and as other fleet members are promoted or retire from service new members need to be attracted to and invited into SRS via the Academy. SRS are seeking five new recruiters to operate at a time they find convenient. There are no special requirements but knowledge of SRS from this LCARS website would be advantageous. You may recruit in any way you see fit and at any time.

SRS CFOPS (Chief of Fleet Operations) x 1

CFOPS officers are highly sought after throughout the Federation. Handling mission scheduling operations and after-action reports this is a crucial role in the daily operation of any Federation fleet and military unit. Full training will be given but there are some prerequisites:

1. You must have access to DISCORD

2. You must speak English fluently

3. You must have a Google account so you can access the Google Sheets, e.g. hotmail, gmail etc,

4. You must have graduated from the Academy or be a senior rank in the Academy


Our previous Chief of staff, Fleet Admiral Matt Doody, has sadly become MIA when his starship was pulled through a wormhole. Our probes have reported his ship may have crashlanded on a planet locally known as Nirn in an alternate reality, sadly no way has yet been devised to bring him back along with his crew. So he, and his crew are all considered Missing in Action. 

SRS Require a new Senior Chief of Staff. This is a demanding and difficult role and much will be expected of you. Duties will include scheduling and managing fleet holdings in many SRS Fleets. Dealing with questions and solving problems brought to you by fleet members and officers. Writing reports (news blogs) on this website, carrying out CFOPS operations and training new CFOPS officers. Designing and implementing new missions, competitions and other content for fleet members to become involved in, and many more day to day tasks. You will be working very closely with the Commander in Chief and will be second only to the C in C in terms of rank over the entire nine fleets of SRS. There is no financial reward for this prestigious and rewarding career opportunity, however, good things come to those who work hard.

We expect you to...

Have served within SRS for at least 1 year

You will be at rank 65 on multiple characters

You will have and are able to regularly use DISCORD

You will be able to speak at least one language English, other languages are an advantage, especially Klingon.

You will have a Google Account, e.g. Hotmail, Gmail etc

You will be registered with a publically viewable account on this website.

You will have a Facebook account for sharing news articles direct to our large Facebook group

You will be outgoing, confident, imaginative, creative and have a good understanding of all aspects of the Federation and SRS. Training in some areas will be given to the successful candidate. 

Good luck to all applicants and thank you for your application.