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One of the greatest first person Star Trek games in the last 20 years. Elite Force 2 is now available to play for all SRS members.


You will need two blank CDs and a CD burner on your PC. If you don't have a CD burner then you will have to mount the ISO files yourself, this is tricky but can be done, however it's not supported by SRS.

1. Download the two CD image ISO files from here: Star Trek Elite Force 2 ISO files

2. Burn the files to a data CD using your software, I used NCH Burner found here

3. Once the two discs are burned, place disk 1 back in your CD drive and double click on the CD icon in explorer (or it may auto start depending on your settings.

4. Enter the Licence key when prompted. The key is: 

Elite Force II Serial Key


5. Once installed you will have to modify the configuration file to play correctly on your screen. I found that a full HD window works best but you can play around with the sizes.



Edit the Resolution: Go to --> ...\Elite2\base\"your Username".cfg

Add these lines under the Cvars section:

seta r_mode "-1" (this line may exist already, if so just change it to "-1")
seta r_customwidth "1920"
seta r_customheight "1080"

seta userFov "110"

Further instructions for this and a patch which I haven't had to use can be found here.

That's it, I recommend going through the training with Tuvok as some of the game's features would be difficult to find without training.


R-Type is a horizontal-scrolling shooter arcade game developed and released by Irem in 1987. The player controls a starship, the R-9 "Arrowhead", in its efforts to destroy the Bydo, a powerful alien race bent on wiping out all of mankind. On the Windows warning, hit more info and Run Anyway. Use right control to fire and the arrow keys to navigate. Use CrtL and F11 to exit.

If you love this, look at what's coming spring 2021, Rtype 2 Final, the graphics are somewhat improved! Watch the trailer below.

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