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DAY 3 Tuesday March 30

Story Arc: In Shadows continued

The Romulan Flotilla
Observation Deck 1
20:00 UTC - Cloak & Dagger

The Tal Shiar raid a colony to find a wanted criminal. Will you help or hinder their efforts?

The Romulan Flotilla

Observation Deck 1

20:30 UTC - Revelation

All of the doors are open and you can finally search for the true story of the destruction of your homeworld.


Story Arc: Wasteland

21:00 UTC - The Lost City of Paradise

You'll need to gain the trust of the townsfolk to begin unraveling the mystery of Nimbus.


21:30 UTC - Blind Men Tell All Tales

Track the Orion Syndicate through the wastes and find out their plan.



22:00 UTC - The Undying

Hassan the Undying rules Nimbus III. You'll need to enter his stronghold to find the thalaron triggers.



22:20 UTC - A fist full of Gorn

The Gorn who hold the canyon will attack any outsiders. Can you turn the table on them?






22:40 UTC - Installation 18

You've finally found the location of the Tal Shiar base hidden on Nimbus III. Can you use it to lure Hakeev into a trap?