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Celebrating 9 years of the Legacy of Romulus in Star Trek Online

26 March 2022

Back in May 2013 Cryptic launched the Legacy of Romulus expansion, to date the most successful expansion ever for Star Trek Online. To celebrate this 9 year anniversary SRS will be replaying all the missions that are replayable in teams, those that are single players can be played at your leisure and this is encouraged to fully understand the story. We will also be interspersing the missions with other events such as Tau Dewa Patrols and other related TFOs as well as accolade hunting on New Romulus.

Win daily prizes

Each day of the event, everyone who takes part in at least one event will receive a daily reward from our stock of prizes, an example of which is listed below. The prizes are drawn at random by Alexa over Discord.

At the end of the event there is a chance to win a
Dhailkhina Command Strike Wing Warbird [T6] worth 1.4 billion EC. (see below).

Voyager Week Prizes.jpg

Win a Dhailkhina Command Strike Wing Warbird [T6]

Nero has a spare Dhailkhina and he's willing to give it to those who deserve it. In order to enter the prize draw for this ship, you must take part in at least 6 of the events. Then each mission you take part in gives you another chance to win. The more missions you take part in the better your chance of winning.

Click on the image to learn more about the ship at the STOWIKI page.

Dhailkina stats.JPG

Earn your "From the Ashes" Badge

If you take part in at least one full day of the event you will receive your From the Ashes Badge. 


For this mission, an extra uniform bonus will apply for wearing the correct Romulan Republic Uniform. This is particularly easy to apply in the tailor with a single click for you and your bridge officer. There are two versions of the  Romulan Republic uniform and either is acceptable for this mission.  The uniform bonus is equal to 150,000 MRP, this is in addition to the normal uniform bonus. 














Each event will start with a briefing and take place from a given location relevant to the Romulan Republic, starting from the Romulan Flotilla and moving over to New Romulus Command and possibly the Embassy.

Feel free to RP in chat any questions you have at the briefing for each mission. The time is also given in UTC/GMT. We will try to stick to the time limits where possible but some variation is to be expected.

Note, there are no repeat missions for the whole six days, so all missions will be treated as mission replays in that dialogue and cut-scenes will not be skipped. MRP will be earned as normal in all missions, DPS league missions will be logged as normal.


How to take part

All you need to do to take part in this event is ensure you have a Romulan character, any career and have finished the "Explore the Flotilla" mission which is the first mission after the tutorial. In order to fully enjoy all aspects of the event, it would be advisable to have a level 65 character.