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Oct 20

Need Knowledge


I have 4000 zen and was wondering a good chip for a engineer for high dps to compete in the MRP,

i have an Avenger class at the min and looking to change it up any ideas?

Vengeance Class is pretty damn good to be honest as well as a helluva presence on the battlefield. They are about 250 million so you would need to sell 50 keys to get the EC if you want to get that and have no EC to start with. Saying that one of the strongest is the T6 Avenger, The Arbiter, this is a pretty awesome ship and also has five forward weapons. You should also take a look at science ships, currently they are the meta for high DPS, a Crossfield Class is very hard to beat, the combination of high EPG and high weapon power for SCV can give you a real hybrid and the black alert trait, whilst crap, looks epic.

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