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Nov 8

Build for The Temporal Dreadnought Cruiser

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Hi! Looking for a murderous build for the Temp Dread Cruiser. The captain is a stunning Rom Tac who takes pleasure in splattering enemies, turning them into expanding plasma clouds. Thanks.

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  • I'm struggling to decide which toon to work on... not sure where the meta is these days. I've got my old tac toon who has a fondness for Defiants. Could get him a Tier 6 Fleet Defiant... is it worth trying to put together a PvP build or is it not worth the effort? Don't mind a bit of grind but not keen on expensive builds. Or I could bring by Rom-Sci up to spec. Don't know what ship to put him in - currently got the T5 Temp Sci, and struggling to pick out an affordable upgrade for him. Also, are Sci PartGen builds still viable? He was on a GW + Rev. Tractor Beams build which used to be fun...... So many new consoles & reps & traits & skills to figure out....