Join Folding@home with SRS

SRS has teamed up with Folding@home to help fight some of the world's deadliest diseases including Covid-19. Finding a cure for COVID-19 requires enormous computing power. Too much for any single computer. That’s why SRS has teamed up with Folding@home to expand their global “supercomputer,” which consists of thousands of individual computers. We’d like you to join us.


What’s Folding@home?

Developed at Stanford University in October 2000, Folding@home is today one of the world’s largest computer networks dedicated to finding cures for various diseases, from cancer to COVID-19. It brings together everyday people like you who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers. This data then helps scientists to develop cures.
SRS has also dedicated part of our infrastructure to help bolster the project. All together, Folding@home has surpassed 1.5 exaflops of computing power, making it the largest supercomputer in the world. But we still need your help.

How can I help?

Simply install and run Folding@home’s software.

You’ll be lending your computer’s muscle to a global

network dedicated to curing COVID-19. The data created

by your computer will be sent back to Folding@home to

analyze and add to the pool. The more computers we have,

the faster we can beat this disease.

How to join the SRS Team

Once installed open the FAHControl and click on configure. In the Name, field type your chosen name. 

Our team number is 262203 enter this in the appropriate area

Click save, that's it, you are now part of the SRS team. Now read below on the embedded Folding@home website any more information you are interested in and scroll down to the bottom for the installer. Let's make a difference together.

Note: Folding@home uses a lot of computer power, when you want to run something else that requires your PC's full attention then simply pause the Folding@home client.

If your PC can run STO it can run Folding@home.

Thank you for making a difference.

FAH control.JPG