SRS Fleets

SRS is comprised of 14 fleets, thirteen Federation and one KDF aligned. The main fleet is called SRS COMMAND

Each fleet has very different roles but do complement each other. To date, the KDF fleet has no need of an Academy.

Fleet progression 2021.jpg


SRS FLEETS OVERALL Commander in Chief 
Matt Johnson

SRS FLEETS OVERALL Senior Chief of Staff
Matt Doody (@mattdoody)

SRS FLEETS Chief of Staff EU

Jerry O Callaghan (@jerryoc82#1708
SRS FLEETS Chief of Staff USA
John Fracentese (@docjohn3)

SRS FLEETS Chief of Staff Asia/Australia
SRS Armada Manager
Jessica Combs (@msevilkitties)

Chief of Fleet Operations (multiple fleets)
Matt Johnson (@tfr_maco_specialist)
Matthew Mankin (@Maddox1701)

Evan Golliher (@sakidnasty)
Jerry O Callaghan (@jerryoc82#1708)

Kyle Sephton (@spawnner)

SRS COMMAND 2018 LOGO-twitch.jpg

SRS Command

This is the original and main fleet of the SRS family. All holdings are maxed out and all facilities are available. Click on the picture to learn more.
EXECUTIVE OFFICER:  @Docjohn3 , Mike Holt (USA)

SRS Josh Bee Academy

The home of new recruits for at least a couple of weeks and perhaps longer if they decide to become mentors to new players. Named after our longtime friend JB whom we lost in early 2017
Recruitment Officer: Vacant

Chrononauts Next Gen.jpg

SRS Chrononauts

If you’re a time traveller needing a home then this is the fleet for you. Only open to Agents of Yesterday and Age of Discovery characters, this fleet contains lots of unique and interesting items in the bank and a terrific identity for the modern Chrononaut.


Final Dominion Alliance Logo.jpg

SRS Dominion Alliance

SRS has made a high-level fleet available to all Jem’Hadar and Dominion forces. Named the SRS Dominion Alliance, the fleet is available to all Jem’Hadar who have recently travelled here from the Gamma Quadrant for assistance with their battle with the Hur’q. A small number of existing Federation officers will help oversee this fleet but it is run in the main by the Honored Elders.

SRS Hazard Team.png

SRS Delta Command

SRS Hazard Team, fresh back from the Delta Quadrant, well maybe a few years have passed by now, but hell yeah we're back. (As featured in the game Star Trek Elite Force 1 and 2) The Hazard team love challenges and so, with ships in tight supply, they set about refitting old Tier 5 ships for all their missions. The results are some of the most fun events and ships in the game. You can join this fleet when you've completed 50 MRP events.


XO: Vacant

AEF logo 1.jpg

SRS Allied Expeditionary Force

The SRS Allied Expeditionary Force is open to all races from all factions (hence the allied, and the main goal is to explore unknown reaches of the galaxy, to ascertain threats to the Federation and to call in other resources should that threat be a real and present danger. The secondary role is to make first contact with new species and extend the had of friendship to our galactic neighbours. Click to learn more
COMMANDING OFFICER: Michael Hall (@Daskuma)


Reserved for some of the best Starship Captains within SRS, this elite fleet has command of a wide range of Starships and weaponry. You have done very well to earn an invite into Spec Ops and you now have the right to wear the prestigious SRS Special Operations uniform. Click to find out much more...

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Section -47- SRS

This is the elite of the elite. The exact operations of this fleet are classified and uncertain, there seem to be some elements of intelligence gathering, high-level recruitment and Area Denial. Any further details are impossible to receive. Section 47 -SRS- membership requires extraordinary performance and ability at all levels and officers are rewarded highly for joining and maintaining their membership.
COMMANDING OFFICER:: Uncertain but believed to be a Joined Trill by the name of Odan.

House of SRS

Our Klingon allies have teamed up with the successful SRS fleets and built their own Armada. These honoured warrior are amongst the fiercest in the Galaxy but will always share a blood wine with fellow SRS fleet members. If you have or are about to roll a new KDF toon then this is the fleet for you.

Romulan fleet.jpg

Mollais Temphae - SRS New Romulus Command

Mollais Temphae (New Beginning) is our T5 Romulan fleet. Some of the most powerful ships in the game are lurking in the shadows of the Romulan Starbase. Our newest fleet and not before time.

Borg fleet trans.png

SRS - xBs

Finally, a home for the despised xBs (Ex-Borg). SRS recognises their great contribution to the war effort and their loyalty to the Federation, the Delta Alliance and each other. It takes a Borg to kill a Borg, these people are liberated and ready to serve.

SRS - Zhat Vash

The Zhat Vash was an ancient and secret Romulan cabal of Tal Shiar operatives. According to Laris, it was thousands upon thousands of years old, and it supposedly predated the Tal Shiar, which she said functioned merely as a mask for the Zhat Vash. Zhat vash was also a term sometimes used to refer to the dead, the "only reliable keepers of secrets".


SRS - Imperial Starfleet

There are some big problems in the Terran Empire, the Emperor has lost his marbles and with his new weapon of mega destruction he threatens not only all life in the Terran universe but all life everywhere in all universes. So a large group of Terran officers headed by Supreme Admiral Kurn have defected to the Prime universe seeking help to prevent the destruction of everything.