Removing Visual Spam in STO


Are you sick of annoying visuals that ruin your gameplay in STO? Are you tired of being unable to see the target because of the ridiculous plasma storm or other gigantic and blinding effects like the Beacon of Kahless? Yeah, me too. Well, now we have a solution to end all that.




This code above will exclude visual effects in the game, you will not see your effects nor will you see anyone else's effects. The effects to exclude have to be added to a bind file which I will explain below. There is a list of all these effects but it's in a bit of a messy format, however, you can usually work out what it should be, I mean I did it so how hard could it be?

Ok here are the instructions for creating the bind file and how to use it:


Copy the following lines into notepad

The Bind File


F9 "dynFxExcludeFX Cfx_Ships_Cp_T6_Risian_Science_Neutronic_Edides_Costumefx $$ dynFxExcludeFX Fx_Ships_Consoles_Cb21_Delphictear $$ dynFxExcludeFX Cfx_Ship_Cp_Cb27_Generate_Plasma_Storm_Costumefx $$ dynFxExcludeFX Fx_Er_Bbs_Beacon_Of_Kahless_Flash $$ dynFxExcludeFX Cfx_Ship_Trait_Temporal_Anchor_Costumefx $$ dynFxExcludeFX C1_E_Ship_Xindi_Lockboxcb15_Kemocite_Weaponry_Bufffx $$ dynFxExcludeFX Fx_Bop_Braceforimpact $$ dynFxExcludeFX Fx_Bop_Godownfighting $$ dynFxExcludeFX Cfx_Ship_Crewteam_Tacticalteam_Buff $$ dynFxExcludeFX Cfx_Ship_Sp_T6_Jellyfish_Cnidarian_Defense_Aoe $$ dynFxExcludeFX Fx_Bop_Photonicofficer_activate $$ PlayerSay Visual Spam Keybind Activated"


The above bind will remove the following annoying effects:


Neutronic Eddies

Delphic tear

Plasma Storm Generator

Beacon of Kahless flash

Temporal Anchor (red grav well)


Brace for impact

Go down fighting

Tac team

Jelly fish defense (the AOE, the lightning is still there, I think there would be another command to remove that if you wanted)

Photonic Officer

The very first command is F9, that's what will activate
all this in the game. You can change that to something
else if you like, e.g. you can use space bar, just replace
F9 with space. When you hit F9 in the game the keybind

will activate and your player will tell you it's active as

shown in this image (click to show larger image)

Now, save the notepad with a suitable name, mine is
called excludeFX

Notepad will add the .txt extension automatically.

This is where you should save it

F:\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live

Note your drive letter may be different to mine but the rest of the path is the important bit.

Steam users the path looks like this:
Steam\steamapps\common\Star Trek Online\Star Trek Online\Live

Now, in-game, click in the chat box and type the following exactly

/bind_load_file excludeFX.txt

Press enter.

To activate it use the F9 button or whatever you decided to use.

This is persistent across maps but not across your account, so all you have to do when you log in is press F9 once on each character and that's it. The keybind should be ready to go immediately the next time you log in. I have had occasions when I have to re-enter the /bind_load_file command, but it seems mostly stable. Note this doesn't stop the actual effects from working, it just hides the visuals you see.

Visual Effects List

The current list of visual effects can be downloaded here

Not all the effects are obvious and some have scrap characters mixed in, you'll have to work out the exact format for each effect but the examples above should help you. You may want to open the list with Notepad++ as it's too much for the normal notepad unless you have at least 32Gb of ram or a lot of patience.

Unbinding the bind file

If you want to return to the default setting then use this command

/unbind F9

Assuming you used F9 in your bind file. Then restart the game. You can always rebind it again later.

If that doesn't work then you can use the Reset to Defaults in the options shown here, but note that will unbind everything in your game including your control scheme so use only as a last resort.

ENJOY a visual spam-free STO.

Thanks to Reddit user u/wooyoo See the original discovery post here: Reddit Post

visual spam activated.jpg