SRS Events List and Information

The following database lists all the missions and events we carry out within the fleet. These events can happen any time and will appear now in the main SRS Armada Chat channel, they will look something like this:

NP - Gone Dark - Nular System SRS Mission Number - 371 - - 2019-9-25 Wednesday

Help Romulan intelligence gather evidence on the Vaadwaur [STF][Space][Dark][Diff=8][P][Fed OR KDF][Keyword = DARK]


These two lines tell you lots of information, the first line gives the title of the mission, "Gone Dark", the mission number and the time and date. The second line gives a description of the event and some code letters which mean the following:


STF - Special Task Force, same as TFO
Space - The mission takes place only in space

Ground - The mission takes place only on the ground

Combined - The mission takes place in both space and on the ground

DIFF- Difficulty on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being very easy and 10 being impossible

P - Patrol, either from the Patrol UI or requires travel to the system

Q - Queue, you don't need to go anywhere

Fed - Federation only

KDF - KDF only

NPE - Non-parseable event, MRP scores are given as an average

MR - Mission Replay - a longer event which gives more points, these are not on the list but are now only Cryptic missions
Keyword - This will be what you type in chat to join the mission, in the above example you would type "Dark"

Difficulty and Level

Most of our events are carried out at Elite Difficulty and TFOs/STFs at elite will require a level 65 character. In some cases we will drop the difficulty level to advanced, this is on some specific TFOs which have timers and are not difficult in themselves to finish but the arbitrary timer makes it less likely that a lower DPS team will finish.

Below is the current list of events in alphabetical order.


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