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Thank you for considering a donation to support SRS fleet and development of the VERTIGO system. All these activities are done voluntarily to help the Star Trek Online community. It sadly costs a lot of money and a huge amount of time to keep these systems running, hence the need for financial support. Just knowing someone cares enough to throw us a fiver here and there can make the difference between seeing new systems being developed or not. I understand why you may be hesitant to spend your hard earned money on organisations you don't know that well, but if you are gaining from it personally then you should have no worries in supporting it as it clearly exists and is not a scam.

If you wish to change your mind just click on the support button again, if not that's fine, we hope you continue to enjoy the fleet and the VERTIGO system, please don't feel oblidged to spend money, but if you do you have my heartfelt thanks.

Live long and prosper
Matt Johnson

SRS Fleets

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