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SRS Chrononauts

SRS Chrononauts is destined to be a very busy fleet over the next few years. It is the home to all temporal agents with a uniform to match. If you have an Agents of Yesterday or Age of Discovery character then this is the fleet you should join.

The fleet is level 73 which means almost all holdings are complete, there are plenty of provisions too, so with access to everything from the moment you join you should be able to kit out your ship and personal equipment immediately, for anything else an invite to the SRS Command starbase will suffice (you don’t have to leave the fleet unless you need a fleet ship).

The bank is well stocked and is typically generous as are all SRS Fleets.





The fleet is commanded by Holly Johnson, another of the famous Johnson family of Starfleet Captains.
Holly, like many of you, found herself transported across time to the 25th century. She was; after the shock had worn off, delighted to be given the command of the original, although upgraded, USS Discovery.

Holly now leads many missions for Starfleet but keeps in touch with temporal events via her personal transponder and Daniels, who is a close personal friend.


Ranks now follow our standard system, please follow this link.




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