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Fleet Champions

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Fleet Champions is a very challenging new addition to SRS Events. Each week a House Ship will appear in some SRS missions. You can state at the onset of the mission that you wish to challenge the house ship. The challenge may be against DPS, Threat or some other measure which will be announced during that week’s MRP Event notification in fleet mail and on our Facebook page.

The Champion will be awarded a small prize, usually a master key, and a new place on our website in the hall of fame as well as eternal honour. Challenging the 'ship of fame' comes with a price though, if you fail you need to pay 8,000 dilithium to a named fleet holding. 

Here are some of the current House Ships, the USS Enterprise, the USS Discovery and the KSV Annorax, more will be added as time goes by.

Current Fleet Champions

@tfr_maco_specialist (Matt Johnson)


@ellarion (Niels Weymeis)


House Ships.jpg
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