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SRS Build Infographics


What is an infographic?

          Basically, it is an information sheet that tries to convey all the information required to copy a build

in one quick glance. The infographics here assume some knowledge of STO, but these are very advanced

    builds and so that is a reasonable presumption. However if you would like anything clarifying then please

do get in touch. Click on the images to open a page with the full-size image available.

Annorax T6 Science Ship


NX 01 Escort Retrofit T6


Vengeance T6


Zahl Heavy Cruiser T6


Zahl Heavy Cruiser T6


T6 Constitution

T6 Connie.jpg

D4X T6 Pilot


Vonph Carrier T6


Bajoran Interceptor T6


Temporal Cruiser T6

Temporal battle cruiser.png

SRS Build Videos

T3 Heavy Cruiser basics

NX Escort Refit V3.0

Build Benchmarking

T6 Yamato Dreadnought

Klein Temporal Destroyer