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The bonus for build matching is 100,000 MRP per space event.


Build matching is when you have identified your build in the "members comments" field in the ROSTER within the game. If you're not sure where to add it just ask, however here is a screenshot of where you put it:


The build choices available for SRS are as follows, and these must be entered exactly as you see here (not case sensitive), any deviation of the name will be ignored by the spreadsheet and I have no power to correct it if you've done it wrong.


Name of build Abbreviation to enter in the comments field

Exotic Particle build - EPG

Surgical Strikes - SS (note the comment field will give two strange characters, this is ok, it exports as SS)

Fire at will - FAW

Cannon Scatter Volley - CSV

Cannon Rapid Fire - CRF

Torpedo builds - TORP

Directed Energy Weapon Carrier - DC

Beam Overload - BO

Drain - DRAIN

Mixed build type - MIX

Tanking and support - SUPPORT

Torp boat with science - SCITORP

Do not add anything else to this field or it will be automatically ignored, e.g. don't put "CSV God Mode YAY" or anything like that, only the abbreviation.

build matching.png
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