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SRS is on Alexa

If you own an Amazon Alexa device and if you live in the United Kingdom, the USA or Australia, you can access the SRS Skill.

To use this skill with Alexa once enabled simply say

"Alexa, open SRS" If Alexa stops working, simply disable the skill and then reenable it.

The skill gives you access to many questions about your favourite fleet and Star Trek Online in general. However, you do need to ask the questions in a specific way. Click on the question category buttons to find out what you can ask. In some cases, there are alternative ways to ask a question so Alexa should pick up what you are saying. Have fun.

This is live now in the UK, Australia and the USA. Other countries may follow later. 

To use:
Go to your Alexa App, go to Skills and search "Star Trek Online", then enable it. You can also find it in the Skill stores for each country.


Australia: HERE

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