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SRS Allied Expeditionary Force [A.E.F.]

'Vigilia Pretium Libertatis' (Vigilance is the Price of Liberty)


SRS A.E.F.. is an invite-only fleet.


You must have at least 1,000,000 EXP on the leaderboard to join.

Pending Applicants
On reaching the above criteria you will be contacted and requested to place an officer in the fleet.



The SRS Allied Expeditionary Force is open to all races from all factions (hence the allied, and the main goal is to explore unknown reaches of the galaxy, to ascertain threats to the Federation and to call in other resources should that threat be a real and present danger. The secondary role is to make first contact with new species and extend the hand of friendship to our galactic neighbours.

Merits Packs

Once you have joined SRS A.E.F. you may earn merits, (1 merit per mission unless you have bought the Merit Pack in which case it increases by 20% to 1.2 merits per mission). Merits can be spent as shown on this page:

Rewards, EC Allowance per day


Commander & Below 25K 

Captain 50K 

Rear Adm LH 75K 

Rear Adm UH 100K

Vice Adm 125K 

Admiral 150K 

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