Attention all fleet members. Congratulations on being accepted into the Main SRS fleet having graduated the Academy.
Rather belatedly your graduation certificates have arrived, they were as you know thought lost when the micro-wormhole intercepted the delivery transport two years ago. Fortunately using advanced quantum tunnelling and polaric resonance wave induction we were able to retrieve the missing certificates. Due to some as yet unknown temporal effect the certificates have appeared as they were originally produced and are lacking your names. However, you are hereby granted the right and privilege to print your own names upon the certificate providing you have graduated the SRS Academy.


SRS Josh Bee Academy

All new recruits are invited to join the Academy and once joined they are expected to earn 100,000 fleet credits and spend at least two weeks probationary period in the Academy. Once they have satisfied those most basic of requirements they are able to move to the main fleet where they will be promoted to Fleet Captain which has rights to purchase anything from our provisioned stores.


Some captains prefer to stay in the Academy to help new recruits, if they do this they are promoted to Professor or higher, if they wish to purchase something from one of our Tier 5 stores they are quickly moved to the main fleet to accommodate this, sometimes an invite is all that is required rather than a full move.


SRS Academy is a fast growing fleet with 200+ members at the time of writing. This is always fluctuating as new members join daily and others leave to join other SRS Fleets. If you would like to join our Academy see our joining page for more information.


The Superintendent of the SRS Josh Bee Academy is:



Executive Officer is @misterloz

Feel free to contact any one of the above for more information. Real-world email address is



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