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SRS Josh Bee Academy

You will be promoted to rank 2 cadet immediately which will give you invite permissions if you wish to invite your friends or alt toons. If you invite friends please give them a copy of the welcome mail or send them to our joining page on the website so that they don't miss out on important news. Get them to join the SRS Armada Chat channel. 

The busiest times are in the evenings.

Please consider joining our discord, it's relaxed and friendly with lots of game and Star Trek chat going on.

Once you have been in the SRS JBA for 2 weeks you will be promoted to graduate providing you have taken part in some MRP events. If you see your rank is graduate you should choose the fleet you wish to graduate to. Here are some examples:

SRS Command - General Starfleet
SRS Chrononauts - TOS and Temporal Starfleet
SRS xBs - Liberated Borg
SRS Imperial Starfleet - Reformed Terrans helping to fight the mirror universe
SRS New Romulus Command - For all Romulan and Reman Captains
SRS Dominion Alliance - For Jem'Hadar, Vorta and Founders working for the Federation
SRS Hazard Team - For those who like a challenge, T5X ships only taking on the toughest missions, based on the game - Elite Force
SRS Freedom Fighters - For those who like to forge their own path, privateers and scoundrels, but still generally fight alongside the Feds
SRS Allied Expeditionary Force - For the explorers out there who prefer using tricorders over phasers

To make a selection simply ask an officer in chat or mail with your name@accountname#1234 and which fleet you would like to join

You may also choose to stay on in the Academy as a Lecturer, helping new people when they arrive, simply state this on your mail and you will be promoted to lecturer.

Players who have not been online in the current year will be demoted to AWOL (Absent Without Leave). Anyone AWOL by year-end will be removed from the fleet.


The Superintendent of the SRS Josh Bee Academy is:



Feel free to contact any one of the above for more information. Real-world email address is



Attention all fleet members. Congratulations on having graduated the Academy.
Rather belatedly your graduation certificates have arrived, they were as you know thought lost when the micro-wormhole intercepted the delivery transport two years ago. Fortunately using advanced quantum tunnelling and polaric resonance wave induction we were able to retrieve the missing certificates. Due to some as yet unknown temporal effect the certificates have appeared as they were originally produced and are lacking your names. However, you are hereby granted the right and privilege to print your own names upon the certificate providing you have graduated the SRS Academy.

New Certificate.jpg
New Academy Logo transp.png
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