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A new kind of challenge, limited to T5X ships

20% Bonus MRP

Free Expunge

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Letter Home MRP Console - January

When a team member is killed in combat it often falls to the commanding officer to write to the officer's family giving the bad news, extolling the virtues of the officer and explaining the circumstances of their death. A letter home from the front lines by an Admiral from Starfleet can be comforting to the family and thus negate a small part of the suffering.

Likewise with our new console pack, Letter Home, your death penalty is negated by 20%. For example, if your score would have been 500K with no deaths and 250K with one death, this console will give you back 20% of what you lost, in this case 50K, so your final score will be 300K 

Negates 20% of your death penalty

150 Merits, 6 master keys or 30 million EC

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