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All consoles are half price and available in March.

You can also pick up the entire mega-pack of consoles for 66% off, that's 75 million EC (or 8 keys) for all consoles instead of the full price of 226 million.

This offer will not return again for 3 months.

Note: Sale is for EC or Key purchases only, merits are not discounted

Final Console - March - Kerr Link

This console uses the effect of localised timestream Kerr loops to return to an earlier time and reapply all other console bonuses but at a lower level. The effect of this is your MRP increases more dependent on how many MRP consoles you are running.


E.G. If you are running 1 console, your MRP will increase by 2%, 2 consoles by 4% up to 9 consoles for an 18% increase to your base MRP.

Secondary Effect

In addition, the randomised nature of the Kerr loop technology means that you are awarded an additional MRP bonus which may be anything from 1 to 10% of your base MRP. This makes the Kerr Link console the most powerful, the most expensive and the final MRP console. Due to the nature of the constantly changing timestream around Kerr Loops, the score you are quoted may go up or down until it is locked in the Leaderboard, that is the only place you can see your final score!

Adds up to 18% of your MRP score to your total

Chance to add between 1 and 10% base MRP score to your total score

150 Merits, 5 Master Keys or 40 million EC

LIVE MRP Leader Board 

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