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on vulcan small02Calendar 1This is a busy time for SRS, we have new fleets, a new expansion, hundreds of new build mechanics to explore, temporal toons and a new updated SRS Shop with some awesome gear. Take a look in our shop and kit yourself out in the latest most exclusive Star Trek inspired clothing this side of the Delta Quadrant.

As well as all that we will be holding regular recruiting events to bring players into SRS and our armada fleets and there will be a chance to win something rather special for Qmas (the old terran religious festival known as Christmas) so look out for that.

Our armada is now full and is generally very active but we can always do better so let’s make sure everyone gets involved, especially with our very active Facebook page.

SRS Chrononauts

Chrononauts logo gifTo celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, Special Reconnaissance Squadron has created a new fleet to coincide with Agents of Yesterday, the exciting new expansion to Star Trek Online.  Open to to all members of the SRS Armada, SRS Chrononauts is the new home for your Temporal Agent offering exciting rewards both ingame and in real life with qualifying officers receiving rewards such as calendars and polo shirts with more to come in the future. Find out more about SRS Chrononauts, click on the logo above



STAR TREK: SRS release date announced 17:01:17

Star Trek SRS is a new season of foundry missions for SRS members and the wider community. The pilot episode is released on 17:01:17 followed by episode 2, part one and two the following week. The foundry missions will push the foundry editor to the limits to bring you maximum action, the most in-depth stories and each episode will have a hidden Easter egg somewhere to find. The first person to find the Easter Egg will receive a massive prize worth tens or maybe hundreds of millions of EC. (Easter Egg hunters are restricted to members of SRS Fleets and Armada Fleets).  Click here to go to the dedicated page for ST:SRS



Mission Replay

Our most popular event is back  running from Thursday September 1st a Wednesday December 7th when it will break for the winter event. Mission Replay offers fantastic daily rewards for replaying the story arcs as well as a chance to win e the end of yearar reward to the officer who took part the most. Check out the Events Diary to see when each mission is replayed.

Join SRS to take part in the action, message us on Facebook or mail matt@srs-fleet.net for more info.

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